About Jason Thompson. 

An Independent Freelance Web Designer and Developer who has over 15 years of experience. First started out as a well known local artist and musician that used his talents to help others within the music industry whether it was collateral efforts or collaborating ideas and making them into reality. At a time when people didn't know the language of code or photoshop, this is where I stepped in. Somehow creating is a gift and translating it on to other devices was another talent that I am continuously striving to make happen for my future endeavors.

What I Do

I mostly work with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and open source applications. I am proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and other platforms that has an easy interface or in between. I am also a drummer / producer with a little bit of chef side. Lets just say I like to mix things up a bit, but always like to perfect the final results

My Approach

Simple. Execute. Lets get the ideas on the table. Set a goal. Set a timeline. Estimate the overview and were off to the races. Everyone has their own way to completing tasks and I am flexible to work with these formalities. Just as long as the overall goal is to make it to the finish line.